Shows in the back half of 2016

Guys! We're doing so many shows!

This Friday we are performing at the Oddblock Comedy Festival with super cool guests Clare Belford, Brett McCrindle and Graham Clark who hosts Stop Podcasting Yourself. Holy shit what a lineup! And we're doing some new/reworked old sketches. It's going to be a blast, so buy your tickets NOW right here:

Next Friday we're doing our SECOND ever live podcast taping at Wee Johnny's in the Exchange. The first one went so well we figured, "fuck it, we'll do another one in two weeks." Only five bucks to hang out in a basement and watch us talk to each other? What's not to love?

Then at the end of September we're headed to the U.S. of A. for our first ever show outside of Canada! We'll be in Seattle on September 23rd at Sketchfest! So if you know anyone in Seattle, let them know.

In October we'll probably do another live podcast and another new show format for us. Stay tuned for details on that.

Then, on Saturday Nov. 19, we'll be doing a set at the Gas Station Arts Centre opening for Winnipeg Musical Improv legends, and all around great pals, Outside Joke! We are so excited and honoured to be included in their upcoming comedy season!

In December we've got another big Park Theatre show of our own planned, and then maybe we'll take a nap. Or we'll do a couple more live podcasts. WHO KNOWS!?