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Ep # 009 Dog Panties

Fill that white noise in your head with another episode of the HUNKS Podcast! Heard some cool new music recently? Tweet us about it! We list a few of our favourite new musical groufs... grups... groops... The big issue might make you a bit squeamish today. Especially if you haven't watched a Davey Cronenberg movie. Dana shows her true 'prankser' colours in this episode too with her 'Two Truths & A Lie' stories. 

Although we don't have a picture of Dana's dog wearing panties, we did find this one on the Internet. So, enjoy!

Ep # 007 Existential Meats ft Xzibit Eh

Please excuse us for this one. We were constantly distracted by Quinn Greene's new hair style (picture below). This is also one of the most excruciating episodes for Tim Gray who struggles to find a word the other members don't know. Please ALSO excuse the large chunk of the episode wherein we try to remember crappy celebrities from the 90's. Oh, and it's Matt's turn on the old 'Two Truths & A Lie' table and while he shares a story about dumpster diving, it certainly isn't garbage. 

Ep # 005 Rice Bubbles

The gears are getting pretty greasy! Our fifth podcast finds the gang discussing a wide array of topics from Rice Krispies to who would last survive a tontine (spoiler alert! It's Dana). 

We get pretty coltish about our word of the week, Tim talks about his tiny boner, we discuss a tontine scenario and Sam shares two truths and a lie. 

Ep # 004 Weird Soggy Waterslides

Dana, Tim, Rory, Quinn, Sam & Matt gather again to talk the hard talk. Six friends enter UMFM, six friends leave. 

In this episode we discuss nicknames, learn the meaning of the word "Truculent", figure out this whole "flying cars" thing and Quinn tells us two truths and a lie. 

Ep # 003 Into the Voight

We're back with a third podcast! Wow! Nobody thought we could do it, but we fucking did it! 

Matt, Tim, Rory, Sam, Quinn and Dana talk about the wonderful movie Anaconda, learn the word "Churlish", figure out how to end all war and Dana tells us two truths and a lie.

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(Spoiler Alert) Here's a picture of a SUPER CUTE Olinguito!

Ep # 002 Hot or Cold

In the second episode of the HUNKS Podcast we explore the idea of what would happen if we died before this gets released, infidelity, the terrible train, the definition of "epicene", hauntings, and so much more!

Tim Gray, Dana Smith, Sam McLean, Quinn Greene and Rory Fallis learn a new word, explore a big issue and find out someone's two truths and a lie. 

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Ep # 001 All Dolled Up

Tim Gray, Dana Smith, Matt Nightingale, Sam McLean, Rory Fallis & Quinn Greene talk for about an hour. They learn a new word, tackle a big issue, and figure out someone's two truths and a lie.

We are very excited to start releasing episodes of the HUNKS Podcast. We've teamed up with UMFM to produce a weekly radio show-turned-podcast in their wonderful recording studio. 

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