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Ep # 106 Muckin' Trough

Ep #106 Muckin’ Trough


We’re really showing our age on this one. Rory learns some terms that all the kids are saying these days, and Quinn shows some pessimism re: Tim’s ability to train squirrels. We imagine what life as a lion would be like, then we talk about the stupidest parts of our lives, and Matt is none too happy about it. Also, if you’ve ever a wondered what a guy doing an impression of an Irish guy doing an impression of a guy from Texas sounds like, buckle up.


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Ep # 009 Dog Panties

Fill that white noise in your head with another episode of the HUNKS Podcast! Heard some cool new music recently? Tweet us about it! We list a few of our favourite new musical groufs... grups... groops... The big issue might make you a bit squeamish today. Especially if you haven't watched a Davey Cronenberg movie. Dana shows her true 'prankser' colours in this episode too with her 'Two Truths & A Lie' stories. 

Although we don't have a picture of Dana's dog wearing panties, we did find this one on the Internet. So, enjoy!