2017 World Cup of Chocolate Bars®

The World Cup of Chocolate Bars® returns this month after a year of rumination. The 16 bar tournament will once again decide which is the planet's most beloved chocolate bar. Sixteen bars face off in head-to-head open voting matches on Facebook. The chocolate bar with the most votes in the scheduled one hour game time advances to the next round to face-off against another bar, until only one bar remains standing as World Champion.

Last year's tournament was an endless source of surprises and controversy. Chocolateers neglected their day jobs en mass in order to vote for their favorite chocolate bar. In the end, it was the unassuming Coffee Crisp that took the title of World Champion. But our taste buds were equally tantalized by other controversial story lines. Who can forget Eat More's first round upset victory over tournament favorite Twix, Aero's heroic run to the final four, or Caramilk's incredible overtime victory over Kit-Kat?

With new entrants and never-before-seen matchups, this tournament will no doubt again cause rifts in friendships and marriages the world over. In this podcast, the HUNKS World Cup of Chocolate Bars® panel sets the stage for this year's tournament, revealing all of the opening round fixtures, and providing predictions and analyses for what will surely be a tournament to remember. We are joined again by our esteemed colleague RobYn Slade.

Will Coffee Crisp defend its title as World's Best Chocolate Bar? Or will something more disgusting take its place? Or will it actually be a good chocolate bar this time? The tournament shall decide!

Fill out this roster with who you think will win the 2017 World Cup of Chocolate Bars