Ep # 046 Pope Trotter

In Episode 46, Matt Learns that the Pope is an honorary Harlem Globetrotter and we begin writing the world's best basketball-ing pope film of all time. We get a little baleful with Word of The Week and wax on the evil idiocy of James Bond villains.

Next is a brand new Quinn Quest where Tim Tim the halfling rogue battles for his very mind with a horrible monster using only his wit and his superhuman hazing abilities. In our final segment, Tim lays down too many truths about the city of Chicago.

But the true mystery remains: Can we get deep dish pineapple pizza in the Windy City? Come join the haze craze and trot the globe with a buncha HUNKS-y dopes and a pope!

Find us at the Chicago Sketch Festival (January 13th & 14th) and The San Francisco Sketch Festival (January 19th & 20th)!

Ep # 044 Boxing Day Special

It's episode 44 and the HUNKS really give it to Ringo Starr in this very special Boxing Day Podcast Spectacular! We throw around a lot of accents and immediately throw the world's least popular Beattle under the bus. Rory Learns a thing or two about equatorial daylight and Dana claims to know a thing or two about Patagonia, our favourite part of Antarctica (maybe, probably?, probably...)

Next up, we beg the question: Really, REALLY long fingers or really, REALLY long toes? Big feet, big nails, all the knuckles and toe rings a person could handle? True, age old questions that we finally put to rest after all these ages. 

In our final segment, Tim has 2 Truths & 1 Lie about our favourite Day After Christmas Day: Boxing Day. Not everyone loves this little day that could and we wax about the origins, the controversy, and the sheer audacity of a day devoted to buying cheap crap.

Get on your Graveyard Pants, prepare your Huskiest Husky, put on your best Boxing Day sweater and snuggle in with the HUNKS on this very merry unholiday! 


H.U.N.K.S. presents Skit Or Die at Wee Johnny's Irish Pub (177 McDermot Ave) on December 30th @ 9:00PM. Tickets on sale at the door for $5.